Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Curriculum

We had no budget for curriculum when we decided to homeschool.  I wasn't sure if I would be working or how I would work and what that income would look like.  We had to be as frugal as possible.  So I started at, a place I still like to visit often!

We got some good ideas there, and I just kept asking around and searching on  So here is how I compiled our curriculum for The Boy-11 in 6th grade (learning mostly ahead) and The Girl-10 in 5th grade (learning mostly on her grade level)...

Subjects we do together:

History:  I took all of the resources I could find and came up with my own schedule and assignments for the kids.  Here are the resources (once my schedule is done, I plan to get that onto this blog as well):

Science:  I looked and looked and really thought I would end up just coming up with my own plan, but I was lost.  Luckily, an angel was looking out for us and pointed me in the direction of and the angel (via an internet chatboard) told me she would like to purchase our first unit for us, and to choose one and let her know which one.  We chose The Elements since The Boy has been showing an interest and also already owns some books about the elements.  We have been working on a separate project for our homeschool group, but next week we start The Elements and we are pretty excited!
We are also doing an Engineering class with the co-op, this is one thing we did pay for (it ended up being around $75 for each kid, they meet every other week from September-April), we felt this was a good place to spend our very limited funds so the kids could be part of a group and I would have some help with science!

Art:  Lost again.  But I found my way, I can't get over how much we have been blessed and how much guidance I have found.  This is what we are using:
Music:  Again, I needed some guidance and didn't have a plan until the weekend before we started school!
Sign Language:  We chose this because we are pretty sure The Girl is dyslexic so we are focusing a lot on her spelling this year, and we didn't think introducing another language was the best idea at this point.  My Mom purchased Hands on Sign Language along with an illustrated signing book for the kids for their birthdays-luckily they thought it was a great gift and we are enjoying it so far.   (I also contacted the author via email and she was kind enough to share that she came up with this with the co-author because her son is dyslexic and wanted to learn a foreign language)!

Bible:  I wanted to introduce The Bible since my kids don't know a lot about it, although my husband and I are both Catholic.  We don't practice often enough, so I wasn't sure where to start.  We decided to start at the beginning so it could go along somewhat with our history plans.  I downloaded the YouVersion Bible App onto my iPad.  You can sign up for different "plans"that guide you through reading the bible.  There is also an option to have it read aloud to you, so we have been listening to it during lunch.

Typing:  I also wanted to give the kids some typing lessons so they could avoid the "two finger" approach that they both seem to have!  It is much faster and more efficient to have some actual knowledge behind typing.  So we found a fun place to start at

I think that is everything we do together, with some Life Skills things thrown in there as we go.  This post was very long, so I will save the separate subject resources for my next post!

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