Friday, July 12, 2013

From School to HomeSchool

Our adventure may seem boring to some, but it has been far from boring to us.  In this first blog post, I will explain some of our reasons for going From School to Home School.

When The Boy was in 2nd grade, we met with his teacher five times in that one year (I can't even count the number of emails).  Throughout all of my requesting, prompting, and begging she never agreed to attempt to challenge him.  Instead, we had constant notes and phone calls home about his behavior.  We asked her to just have a bit higher expectations for him, when he finished his work first-send him back and ask him to add a sentence instead of handing him a computer to play games on.  3rd and 4th grades were much the same.  In 4th grade he was asked not to raise his hand so much.  In 5th grade, he was regularly done all his work quickly and given a computer to play on.  His teachers adored him and encouraged him, but didn’t do much to challenge him.

When The Girl was in 3rd grade, she came home crying regularly.  The day her teacher called her annoying in front of the class was the worst.  At the end of that year, we met with the principal to try to sway her into giving The Girl a great teacher for 4th grade-her last year of elementary school.  The 3rd grade teacher was removed from the classroom and became a reading specialist (yet, we are 99% sure The Girl has dyslexia, yet this was never mentioned by the “qualified reading specialist” to be a possibility-but that’s another post).  Throughout 4th grade, The Girl continued to come home crying regularly.  At one point in the middle of the year, the teacher didn’t even seem to know who she was.  The principal refused to acknowledge this.  

These events had me thinking harder and more about homeschooling.  I was against it for a long time.  This past year, with The Boy in 5th grade and The Girl in 4th, their lack of education in areas I wish they had more education in, and their learning of certain things I did not agree with led me to research and research.  I talked with my husband and he was supportive of whatever I wanted to do.  There were many more reasons, which we can get into another day ;)

I talked with the kids, The Girl was all about it.  She wanted to ‘quit’ school and start right away.  We don’t encourage quitting, and I had a job in the school district, so we decided that was not an option.  The Boy wasn’t sure at first.  But as the school year continued, he got more and more excited to be home the next year.  Over about three months, they were completely ready and started bragging to everyone that they would get to be homeschooled and help choose what they learn.  

They can’t wait to get started, their excitement has fueled mine, and mine theirs.

I will continue to use this blog to post about us beginning our adventure, and to help keep track of all the fun and exciting things we do in homeschool!  Thanks for following our adventure!


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